A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Reflex. Music. Dodge. Beats.

A bullet-hell type game that generates based on the music you select from your files. EDMs work best (and also suit the action and style). Can't find one in your computer? Just cancel the file selection and let the game choose a song from NCS for you!

This is still in development, so there might be many bugs and glitches, and the graphics will not be top-notch yet.

Release 2 Notes:

- Colours! They don't flash randomly, they slowly phase so don't worry!

- Score, plus a bonus for going in the center.

- Removed the loading bar, it's glitchy.

- Added 32-bit, try to figure out if that's what preventing it from working.

- New HP indicator; your ship and it's booster fire (also new feature) will slowly fade out and become an outline.

Install instructions

You need Java!

Make sure you download the correct file for your operating system. If you are on Windows or Linux, keep all the files in a folder for it to work.


Windows 32-bit 6 MB
Windows 64-bit 6 MB
Linux 32-bit 5 MB
Linux 64-bit 5 MB