PURPOSE: entertainment



researchers are attempting to expand the interface to its maximum

please consult the entire document if you intend to apply


object is a touchscreen device

unknown logo displayed on load

different "modes" available, resulting in change of interface

chart displaying basic information of interface

interface consists of an object with orbiting loops

loops can be clicked on, resulting in upgrades in interface

interface has to be powered, either by manpower or upgraded loops

unknown lines occasionally attempt to pierce the interface, causing disruption


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i think i broke it

i filled 2 layers with block [probably gives upgrade] on third layer filled it with |[probably gives health] then filled other ring with protecter then convert everything to protecter


i got pretty far, but i still have no clue what im doing lol, i like it, im just constantly confused :P


is there a limit to the amount of rings you can get? i can't seem to place nodes on this latest ring.

It's a bug I can't seem to fix, past a certain amount the rings stop working.

When selecting the interface's shape, the table below the shape dictates the rules. All except #2 have the same things. Dashes [-] are the energy bar, Diamonds/Units [<>] are the diamond-things used to purchase upgrades, and the Crosses [x], IDK, probably something to do with defense from the lines/rays.

You're correct! This was a last minute addition so only #2 was used to test different node types. If I had more time, I might be able to find symbols that better represent what they mean (or just scrap the "cryptic" style altogether).

Wordless games are really hard to do. Good luck!

What I don't understand so far, beside what each symbol does, is why I sometime die (screen scramble, then resets). No idea what causes this. So far, that's what's bothering me the most, because I can't learn the other icons if I keep dying.

Hmm... the top bar (energy bar) has two lines at each end, that is your health. If it runs out it resets; though it may be a bug on the game's part.


Also, after posting this, [x]'s are defence. If you have exclamation marks at the bottom you will get hit, otherwise, you're fine.