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i think i broke it

i filled 2 layers with block [probably gives upgrade] on third layer filled it with |[probably gives health] then filled other ring with protecter then convert everything to protecter


i got pretty far, but i still have no clue what im doing lol, i like it, im just constantly confused :P


is there a limit to the amount of rings you can get? i can't seem to place nodes on this latest ring.

It's a bug I can't seem to fix, past a certain amount the rings stop working.

When selecting the interface's shape, the table below the shape dictates the rules. All except #2 have the same things. Dashes [-] are the energy bar, Diamonds/Units [<>] are the diamond-things used to purchase upgrades, and the Crosses [x], IDK, probably something to do with defense from the lines/rays.

You're correct! This was a last minute addition so only #2 was used to test different node types. If I had more time, I might be able to find symbols that better represent what they mean (or just scrap the "cryptic" style altogether).

Wordless games are really hard to do. Good luck!

What I don't understand so far, beside what each symbol does, is why I sometime die (screen scramble, then resets). No idea what causes this. So far, that's what's bothering me the most, because I can't learn the other icons if I keep dying.

Hmm... the top bar (energy bar) has two lines at each end, that is your health. If it runs out it resets; though it may be a bug on the game's part.


Also, after posting this, [x]'s are defence. If you have exclamation marks at the bottom you will get hit, otherwise, you're fine.