WASD/Arrow keys to move. Left click to throw chakram. P to regenerate map (you might get suffocated in a wall).

This project is unfinished (and will probably never be finished). However, I worked on a dungeon generator, a cool-looking camera and a rudimentary tiling system, so I guess that's some good experience for me?

Check out the process of making this game!

I wanted to add actual enemies to fight with, and lootbox chakrams, but after much experimenting I never got a coherent combination of mechanics.

Published Nov 19, 2017
Made withUnity


Source (Unity Package) 83 kB


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Reminds me of some of those old ZX Spectrum games I used to spend a lot of time playing!

Great game! I hope you continue development because i would love to have enemies that you have to ricochet the chakram off of.

Great job man, camera is very smooth. I like the animations that appear when you throw the object to the walls. 

Thanks :)

awsome game man



Nice work man !!! 

thanks :)