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A game I made lending ideas from Dark Echo. Soundwave physics are different, objectives are different but in the end, the concept's almost the same.



The game features 299 (not including Level 0 - "The Lobby") levels. Can you explore and get out safely through all the levels?

There are multiple doors in every level that leads to other levels. But don't get your hopes up when you see one; some doors are locked, and might trap you in a dead end.

The ultimate goal is to explore and get out of as many levels as you can safely, with your current level and progress displayed everytime you die or pass through a door.


One thing's for sure - you can't even see yourself in the dark, but somehow you can see soundwaves clearly like they are made of solids.

It's you decision. To pace around with danger hanging around every corner, or silently bump around the dungeon blindly?


Monsters. They are everywhere, lurking in darkness, waiting for a slight noise to indicate the intruder's whereabouts.

You can hide from them and sneak past, but not for long... they will get impatient. They will howl. They will 'see' you, just like how you 'see' them.

You know what you must do... run.


Mouse click to switch between sneaking and running - sneaking is very slow but you cannot see where you are. Running is relatively fast but you are easily spotted and you cannot outrun the beasts.

ESC to save and quit the game.

R (capitals - use capslock or SHIFT together) to quit the game and clear your save. Proper button to be added.


Please help by reporting any bugs you find or any ideas you have in the comments!

0.3 [TODO + FUTURE CHANGELOG] Coming ?/11/2015


- Rework enemy spawns to prevent them from being stuck in walls, and also to add more challenging spawns

- Keys: unique item to warp a locked door into a specific level. You can find them hidden in all levels. Sometimes it's hidden in the Lobby. Getting the Key will alert all monsters to find you

- Ambience

- A neat .exe bundle for Windows

- Icons

- Make sure OSX works properly

0.2 [CHANGELOG] 12/10/2015

√ Redesigned level 0 features for better tutorial

√ Slight change in transitions

√ Slight change in impatient behaviour; now move around when impatient

√ No more colors.

√ Limited view; you are no longer able to see entire room

√ Performance optimisation

I will submit this game for the October Challenge soon.


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Pretty neat stuff.

0.2 released!

To get the ball rolling!