SPACE to jump, or dash in mid-air.

WASD to move.

There is no goal, only death.

♫ Ohm by Jason Shaw

Published 27 days ago
Made withUnity
Tagsinfinite-runner, Minimalist, Singleplayer


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This is a really great minimalist deconstruction of the platform genre! It felt like my first discovery of 2D platformers: at first movement was clumsy and laborious, then little by little I got used to it, and eventually it became just instinctive. By the end of my session I was easily flying between squares, trying to go as fast as possible, without even thinking about what input I was pressing! This was a fantastic sensation.

Thank you (:


This is a really good game! You should make it so it's how far you go. This seems like a great time waste! :)

Thank you, and yep I’m planning to do so!


That was a fun concept! By using the fact that touching a block but not getting stuck recharges the dash, I got to do some big skip combos!
Are you planning on expanding on this?


Thank you! Yes, I plan to expand on the game ~


Awesome! Can't wait to see! :D


I like the atmosphere and simple palette. Controls took a while to get used to, but it felt pretty good once I got the hang of it. 

It was hard to tell when I could dash and when I couldn't. Sometimes it seemed like I got more than two dashes in midair.

Would be cool to expand on with some obstacles and such!


Thanks for playing! The small diamond pointer acts as an indicator to whether you can dash. Your dash will recharge if you graze the platforms. 


Ahh, gotcha. Completely missed the indicator.