This roguelike utilises deterministic combat. Damage and special effects depend on the direction of weapons involved. Attacks and defenses require stamina to be effective, but stamina replenishes when moving.

How many depths can you conquer before you succumb to your wounds?


[ Arrow keys ] to move. Hold [ LSHIFT ] while moving to change direction instead. 

[ I ] to open or close inventory.

In inventory mode, use [ left and right keys ] to navigate, the [ up key ] to equip, and [ down key ] to discard. You can equip a weapon and a style. 


The font used is VGATypewriter by VØID, provided with a CC-BY license.


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I wish there was a way to restart without reloading the page, because the game seems too random to be unable to easily/quickly restart.

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Oops, that was an oversight (: thanks for the feedback!


Really interesting! A tad difficult, I'll say. And the dual blades don't convey which direction they're facing well. But all in all, one of the most interesting submissions I've played so far! I love the use of deterministic combat. Really unique take on it, and was a lot of fun to play around with.

Thank you! The game isn't quite well-balanced due to time constraints :|


Understandable, after all you only had 7 days! That being said, I quite like it. I feel few games use orientation as a mechanic, so it's really fun to see it played around with. 


A bit more guidance on what the icons/numbers mean would be really helpful.

Haha, I agree with you on this point - the UI certainly could have been made better!