Hotfix (16/6/2017)

  • fixed tutorial disappearing if you pressed space
  • difficulty decreased by 33%


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I really love this game (even though I really suck :-) but can you please remove the screen shattering (or whatever it is you call happens when you shoot)? I don't mind to have to dodge difficult attacks as long as one can see them. Other than that it's amazing.

Yes - it will be removed in the new version I'm producing :) the bullets are actually harmless during screen shattering, but I doubt that'll help much.

I've noticed that already and I don't think that it should be completely removed but rather replaced by a regular screen shake :-)

Already did! It looks much more solid too!

Oh it looks so cool!


Btw, is this project actually OS? I wanted to put some thoughts on your GitHub page but couldn't find anything.

This particular project isn't open source because it's going to be a paid game. Early access will begin as soon as I fix all (or most) of the problems bugging people :)