Update + Build 0.2

The August monthly update came earlier than expected, and comes with brand new visuals and levels!

Major Changes

The most notable change you'll notice is the variety of colours! Each level has a preset colour that is shared with enemies, bullets and the boss.

The menu has also been modified to support the level colours.

Another notable change is boss behaviour - bosses now move around. Some spin in circles, some chase the player. This mixes up the gameplay and prevents the game from being constricted to the bottom of the screen.

Away-from-body spawners are now constrained, and no longer do crazy things like spawning bullets in players and stretching beyond the level. The visuals are also cleaned up to make spawners look sleeker!

The aim helper tool is also more responsive in this update - if the player goes to the bottom of the screen, the helper will move forward instead of going beyond the screen.

I had missed out a feature from the previous update - being able to pause in-game by pressing ESC.


Waker's development will slow down for the next 3 months (real life exam period), so there might not be any updates coming soon. However, the game is far from done, and you are welcome to give feedback and suggestions for the next update! 


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